Based in Glasgow, UK, I make professional and decorative wooden marionettes and carve sculptures of various sizes. 

I learned to make puppets in Prague and later Italy, where I took part in Stephen Mottram's workshop on the 'Secrets of Fundamental Marionette'.  I carve from lime wood and use oil paint, ink and wood wax to finish; all the clothes the marionettes are wearing are hand-made by me. Both professional and decorative marionettes are made with the greatest of care and I will always make sure you are satisfied with your order.

A few years ago I started using wood in different ways and realised I want to move in the direction of sculpture and decorative art. I spent time at a traditional arts centre in Lithuania where I started carving with a chainsaw. Inspired by the local folk art and traditional construction techniques I started making benches there too. I enjoy entertaining with all my works, be it puppets or sculptures; I get inspiration from fairy tales and witty observations of everyday life while both my style and construction are kept simple and not overloaded with decor. I am especially drawn by the human form, in both marionettes and sculpture, but would never limit myself to it.

I mostly work on commission basis however some made to order pieces are available on Etsy and Ebay

E-mail: justina@kaukasmarionettes.co.uk

Phone: +447908808485